Young Eritrean Talents Worldwide Produce a Video for QieNit

Luwam ThomasYoung Eritrean Talents Worldwide Produce a Video for QieNit

By QieNit

It’s creative, it’s original, it’s fresh, it’s pioneering, it’s inspiring, it’s motivating, it’s professional, it’s made with full of passion, and most of all it has got that important ingredient that will never be missed is the Eritrean talent!

QieNit finds it’s English equivalent as “Tunes”; we dare to call Luwam as the embodiment of QieNit Eritrea simply because of her flare, talent, and vision for Eritrean music. Luwam’s creative work is a testament revealing its viral effect that spreads like wild fire, which could only be achieved if it attributes to, Originality, Quality, Timely and it’s Resonance with the audience.

The world in its own merits has many creative individuals and visionaries, however putting it to practice is the key! Hence when push comes to shove its only the brave and noble ones that get the job done. Eritrea in this context doesn’t fall short of those individuals not only boasting, but a demonstrated fact that it is a nation of DOERS than fence sitters. As the saying goes “The Apple doesn’t fall far from the Tree” Luwam didn’t fall far from the DOERS!

QieNits seal of approval emanates from a factual surmise that the Eritrean society is well known for taking self-initiative, with horizontal participation across the board for organising itself without any directive. This has been a culture from the days of our forefathers started organising them selves for self determination and independence of Eritrea, it got to its peak during the Eritrean revolution under the leadership of the EPLF (Eritrean Peoples Liberation Front) it is still alive and well even in the diaspora, and passed down for posterity. In the Eritrean context it is one that discredits the SELF-theory completely overturning ME to WE.

Learning from this rich culture of strong orgnisation, Luwam famously known for her Eritrean Mass Online Music Collaboration Project! 2013 and Hade1Hade YouTube page organised Eritrean artists worldwide to create one song, which became a huge success and gained acceptance from the audience.

Even though QieNit believes that Luwam’s greatest achievements are ahead of her, it is worth noting that her popularity through her work is gaining huge momentum. Luwam shines uniquely by going back to basics and staying true to her roots. She is a rising star with huge potential and right attitude that can take Eritrean music to a whole new level, this is widely attested to in her work in addition to a recent interview that she conducted with Youth Hour an online radio station. Luwam’s vision of taking the Eritrean music to the international audience was talked about widely on the interview with Youth Hour, which you can find online and listen to at your leisure.

QieNit throws its support to Luwam not only because of her talent, on top of her beauty and intellect she is humble and down to earth together with a sense of belonging and responsibility.

QieNit also throws its support behind all of Luwams collaboration team that trusted in her vision and became part of making it a reality. Their continued collaboration and work has now become unstoppable and will for sure transform itself from a stepping-stone to the head corner stone.

Minasie Haile – USA

Michael Afewerki (Tofik) – UK

Namnam Kifle – Sweden

Melat Haile – USA

Belina Seare – USA

Shewit Kidane – Canada

Makda Hagos – Canada

Luwam Thomas – Canada


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