QieNit Production


The Name “QieNit” is a Tigrinya word – means “Tunes” in English.

QieNit TV Talk show will be explosive and energetic 60 minutes-long show for each Legendary – promises to surprise, seduce, and entertain all. QieNit will be presented in Tigrinya; however subtitles in both English and Italian will be supported. QieNit TV Talk show performance will reflect the tunes, styles and Memories of Eritrea hidden Legends to the world music.


Executive Producer:- Daniel Zagghay

Music:-  Fabrizio Cesar & Steffano Salleti

Scenographer:- Giulia Camoglio

Assistant in Photography:- Nicola Romano

QieNit Band – Musical Director;- Walid Mensur

Presenter:  Yared Tesfay,

unnamedBorn on 29 October 1965 in Asmara, Eritrea.  Yared started learning music at the Pelican Music School in Hanover. His chosen instrument was the Alto Saxophone, with which he was to make his mark in later years.  After excelling in his musical education, he was privately tutored by Heinz Both of the Hanover Jugend Jazz Orchestra from 1980 to 1981. In 1981, he joined the Eritrean Youth Group in Hanover. In the same year, the Eritrean Youth Group accompanied the first EPLF delegation to the USA led by Sebhat Ephrem. By 1986, Yared had started playing with Mekalih Eritrea along side legendary Eritrean musicians such as guitarist Tecle Adhanom and music arranger Ibrahim Mahmood. His association with such musicians was to play a great role in Yared’s musical development. By 1990, Yared’s fame in the Eritrean tour circle had shot up and he was playing with the big names of Eritrean music like Yemane ‘Baria’, Haile Ghebru, Alamin Abdellatif and Hagos Berhane. In 1991, he took part in the first post-independence tour in Eritrea and Ethiopia that included Osman Abedelraheem and Engineer Asghedom. In 1992, Yared became a member of the Bass Culture reggae band managed by Boney-M’s ex-drummer and vocalist, Jamaica Papa Curvin. They did one album together. During his musical career, Yared has taken part in over 40 albums and worked with various musicians, Head of Universal & EriArtista Sounds. He has also partaken in over 300 concerts in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Currently, he is involved in various projects that he is pursuing in Media;-

* Producer of SAT.GUEST – ERI.TV, which is a Television program that focus on the horn of Africa that brings experts, Journalist, Artist and prominent individuals.

* Freelancer  for BBC Oceans series and BBC Africa wildlife series.

QieNit Production Studio Set up

The Studio reflects Eritrean Culture in the Center of the Backdrop of Studio!

1896836_10151900549658314_265655578_n“Kobros, Krar, Wata and Embilta” – The Eritrean music tuned to a pentatonic scale, a scale with 5 notes to the octave, is similar to Scottish, Chinese and Porto Rican music. Musical instruments in Eritrea vary from chordophone instrument such as Krar the most common instrument used throughout Eritrea. Rhythmic instruments such as drums are also common in Eritrea. Eritrean music has grown today and there are hundreds of musicians and singers, each bringing a unique style, featuring in the national and international scenes, who are introducing Eritrean music to the world.

QieNit – Studio Audience

In each Episode we will invite 50-60 Audience to the show – A unique feature is that the audience is frequently asked questions in order to obtain their opinions, which gives them the opportunity to be ‘hands on’ to the Guest speaker or Artist, by getting them to make a personal contribution to the programme and actively think about Eritrean Music and Culture.

QieNit Sponsers
Erythros – Baobab Centre ( Multi Cultural Center) Roma Italy
Cultural Affairs – Asmara Eritrea
Eritrea Music Association – Asmara Eritrea

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