Tesfamariam Kidnae – Pioneer of Eritrean Sax

Tesfamariam KidaneMemories of the Legends, Qienit TV Talk Show

Tesfamariam Kidnae, is one of the pioneer Eritrean saxophonists who had left a musical footprint in the sixties and early seventies at the advent of “modern” music in Asmara and Addis Ababa. Essentially Tesfamariam was amongst the number of Eritrean artists who were key contributors to the development of modern music in Ethiopia. A league of creative greats such as, Saxophonist/bass guitarist Fekaddu Andemeskel, lead guitarist Tekle Adhanom, lead guitarist/vocalist, composer Abubakar Ashaker ( Kbur Zebegna Band), Composer/Teacher Colonel Girmay Abdu (Kbur Zebegna Band), and Drummer Ghiramy Zeremariam.

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