Tecle Adhanom Hiwket – “Wizard of the Guitar”

“Memories of the Legends & Tunes of Eritrea” QieNit TV Talk Show
Tecle Adhanom “Hiwket”, the pioneering exponent of East Africa ambience was Tecle Adhanom, Tecle Adhanom Hiwket and, ultimately. At the peak of his career, he was a virtuoso guitarist and musical arranger. If there ever was an African musician that was ready for international exposure, it was Tecle Adhanom in the 60’s. In 1960’s Tecle was one of the Ras Hotel All Stars founders in Addis Abeba and leading Musician in Ethiopian Music scene. During the struggle for Eritrea’s Independence, he was one of the founders of the group “Meqalih Eritrea”, which was formed in 1985. He produced memorable hits such as “Sheta Merur”, “Tegadalay”, “Freedom in August” (Bologna is the best), “Motherland Eritrea” remains one of the finest tunes in the Eritrea music scene. His warm baritone voice still has what it takes to move his audience.

Some of his best work can be found in the Ethiopique series, Tecle Adhanom Hiwket inspired so many guitar players.

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