Osman Abdurahim The King of Charisma

Osman Abdurahim“Memories of the Legends & Tunes of Eritrea” QieNit Tv Talk Show

One of the most popular musicians in Eritrea, Osman Abdurahim came to prominence in the “swinging Asmara” music scene of the early 60’s as cabarets, theatre, and an independent record label sprung up in the capital. With the collapse of the Derg regime in Ethiopia and Eritrea’s independence in 1991, Osman returned to Asmara from exile with “Dehai Bahli Eritrea”. One of the country’s most charismatic singers, Osman has been singing for over 50 years and has produced several memorable hits. His unique singing style has inspired a generation. Many of his songs open with Eri-flavour boogie grooves such as “Fekri ewor amine”, “Selki qutsri hibki” over which Saxes enter with a distinctively recurring melody. When the pace slows down for “Ayfalkin gerhenety”, that’s when the real magic begins.

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