Memhir Alamin Abdeletif – The Living Legend

Memhir Alamin Abdeletif“Memories of the Legends & Tunes of Eritrea” QieNit TV TalkShow.

Memhir Alamin Abdeletif expressed it best when he sung his famous song, “Seb…N Kebdu T-Rai Aykonen zinebir,” teaching selflessness at a greater risk to his life. Musicians singing their hearts-out laid the vision for the future Eritrea like “Aba Shawul.” Eritrean musicians were, and remain the heart and soul of Eritrea. Born 1942 in Asmara (Aba Shawul), Alamin began singing at ceremonies and celebrations and learned songs of his legacy. Later he joined MTA (Mahber Teather Asmara) is a theater group. One of MaTeA’s many goals was to push for an Eritrean cultural and national renaissance. Though many of its stated goals were hindered by excessive censorship by the Ethiopian authorities at the time, it still went ahead and met the challenges head-on and accomplished some incredible feats.

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