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QieNitMemories of the Legends & Tunes of Eritrea – QieNit

QieNit in Tigrignya finds it’s English translation as Tunes; QieNit TV Talk show production will bring all those hidden Eritrean legendries and document all their musical history of decades.

Whilst in our endeavor to explore and document the Eritrean music we were overwhelmed with the long heritage and the mark it has left on the Eritrean society making it impossible not to pass without touching on every single tune and it’s relevance. From the deep that you label there is an even deeper content you come across, and each has it’s own context.

At this stage it is fair to say that QieNit is only scratching the surface and there’s too much too much that is worth documenting it all.

To this regard we are making all our research available to our audience through

If you want to contact us you can email us on qienittv {at} alternatively you can send us a message on our facebook fan page too, and don’t forget to give us a like and share our content.


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