Beyene Habte

Beyene HabteMemories of the Legends, Tunes of Eritrea – QieNit TV Talk Show

Beyene Habte, was a member of the Haile Selassie Theater Orchestra in Addis Abeba in 60’s-70’s – later 1973 he joined Bereket Mengesteab, the year before Haile Selassie was overthrown, ‘Megaleh Guayla’ (which can be translated as the ‘echo of the dance’). Beyene Habte is now based in Asmara and member of the Cultural Troupe “SIBRIT”. Sibret-which translates as ‘heritage’-are staples of Eritrean radio and television programming and represent Eritrea throughout the world, performing songs and dances from each of the country’s nine ethnic groups.

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