Ato Ateweberhan Segid – Symbol of Lyrical Resistance

“Memories of the Legends & Tunes of Eritrea” QieNit TV TalkSowAto Ateweberhan Seghid / Guayla – Tigrigna Music!
Eritrea has a rich musical history and many famous musicians like “Ato Berhan Segid” among others. The Eritrean music is loved by many listeners because of its rhythm, which is unique compared to other parts of Africa.
In short, Eritrean music has served as evidence that, a nation is not defined solely based on its boundaries since Eritrean music served to unite Eritreans and, expressed their national ideals no matter where Eritreans lived and what the status of the nation was for decades! It allowed Eritreans to unite in purpose – It allowed them to express their love for Eritrea. It motivated them. Early-on, Eritrean musicians understood the importance of music and deliberately used it to educate, Atewebrhan Seghid’s song “Aslamai Kistanai” is one of the songs that comes to mind.

Aslamay Kistanay

Adeye Adey Jeganu

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