Asghedom Woldemichael – Idol of Eritrean Music

Asghedom WoldemichaelMemories of the Legends, Tunes of Eritrea – QieNit TV Talk Show

Asghedom Woldemichael, is another example amongst many, with unique divers styles an Idol of Eritrea Music Legends. (Engineer) has been and still is a popular singer, producing modern and traditional songs for decades. His songs motivated many youngsters to join the Revolution. And he is still turning out fine music. We sing for and about the people or the nation. One of his famous songs Saba Sabina. It’s been said that the whole history of Eritrea can be told through awlo free style music and it’s true that nowhere else has quite such a lively and potent tradition of musical comment and satire. Engineer Asghedom Woldemichael, is one of Eritrea most lastingly charismatic and dynamic performers and one of its most versatile singers.

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