Beyene Fre The Krar Genius

Beyene FreMemories of the Legends, Tunes of Eritrea – QieNit TV Talk Show

Beyene Fre, taught himself the Krar (a five stringed lyre) and honed his musical skills, participating in all of the musical rituals that punctuate rural life. Then, after spending a few years in Asmara, Beyene moved to Addis Abeba in 1961. And it was in Addis that Beyene made his stage debut, as a member of the Haile Selassie Theater Orchestra, later he joined Bereket Mengesteab “MEKALIH GUAYLA”. When it comes to “Awlo” there was nobody could have played than Beyene Fre. Admired very by the Legend Bereket Mengesteab for his Krar playing skills. Bereket says no one can play Krar the way Beyene Fre plays it. Rest in Peace.

Beyene Fre

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