One of the Great Bands in Asmara Eritrea – The Imperials!

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One of the Great Bands in Asmara Eritrea – The Imperials!
The original Imperials were made of Antonio Dinardo Sax-Singer, Gaetano Rainieri Alto sax-chorus, Carmelo Santostefano drums, Giuseppe Bruno piano (he left in late 1967) and replaced by Franco Carelli, Mariella Mario bass, also left in late 1967 to Italy, replaced by Gianni Amato, Mimmo Domenic Carroll.. guitar singer-chorus..note that in late 1968 Carelli left and Rai Ramoni took over.
The imperials (than Imperial band) played in most of the Kagnew Station clubs, (Officers, Top five and Oasis), inaugurated the Nyala Hotel, the Imperial Hotel, CUA, Croce del Sud, Club Junior, Ciao Hotel, in Massaua Red Sea Hotel, Lido club, and for special occasion like the EXPO FAIR played at the Municipio (Grand Ceremony Hall), and as well for the Zaudi’ Araia. nomination., The Great Alfredo Menghetti was part of the Imperials from time to time, he did not like to be contracted and be tied to a long responsibility and was not well in health. The imperial was also the biggest contributor in number of members to the BOYS Band, headed by maestro MARIO PICHI, great pianist and arranger, who long played at the MOCAMBO with Gianni Amato and well with the singer LUANA. Thanks to (Mimmo) Mr.Domenico Carroll and Orlando Pessagno.

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